Four Weeks In

Please do not take offence. I shouldn’t need to write that, but it’s so easily done these days. I write what I write, to clarify my thoughts and laugh at as much of it all as I can.

The absurdity of life existing on a rock, hurtling through space at dizzying speeds, with (mostly) conscious beings, able to contemplate all of this, amuses me. It amazes me. It scares me. So given the choice to laugh, gaze or freeze, I’m going to go with laughter.

In polite company, I’m usually very quiet and introverted, because my comments can be quite absurd and even dark. Better to remain silent, than upset someone with my gallows humour. But in my writing, and certainly in my head, I will not be holding back, or taking anything too seriously. Here, I should be able to be free.

It shouldn’t scare me to write that. My life, liberty or ability to find work should not be jeopardised by my RIGHT to free thought, free speech, or the ability to explore ideas and experiences. It shouldn’t.

Writing is therefore an act of courage, which is not about the absence of fear – the fearless are not brave, as they have nothing to overcome. Courage is the ability to take action, to do the right thing, in spite of our fear.

Fear, leads to procrastination. So this is a blog which is as much about the journey of overcoming procrastination, as it is about writing a first novel. I am an expert on this subject, and as such, I will never have a shortage of material to write about…and paradoxically, this may be the very cure I need to be done with this lifelong habit.

Stay tuned, stay healthy, stay at home – keep reading and share if you like.

One thought on “Four Weeks In

  1. Belles Days 21st Apr 2020 / 12:57 pm

    I love your blog already you are so right when you talk about procrastination. I think all of us do it more often than we admit to! More please

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